Hanuman Bhajan Mandali

With a thought to increase the involvement of families in Adhyatmik activities Ramteerth IT Milan of Manikonda Valaya has taken an initiative of hosting Bhajan Sandhya on Saturday evenings at any of the Swayamsevak’s house. This was also a chance to revive our cultural roots and strengthen the link to spirituality. The idea was to start an activity involving families which can be done on a regular interval with minimal expenses. Finally, the idea of Bhajan Sandhya was agreed by all involved in the planning. Continue reading “Hanuman Bhajan Mandali”

Bala Pritam: The Un-Equal Guru

This was the era of extreme atrocities on Hindus in the empire of Mogul emperor Aurangzeb. Even God was not able to see this cruelty on his children and he decided to sent his divine form to earth to save Hindus from the torturous rule of Aurangzeb. Following the will of Akal Purakh on 22 December 1608 Shri Guru Govind Singh Ji took avatar in the house of ninth Sikh guru Shri Teg Bahadur Ji and Mata Gujari Devi in Patna Sahib. Guru Teg Bahadur Ji was in Asam at that time. He got the information in Asam that he has been blessed with a divine son. When people of Patna got this information they were extremely happy. Teg Bahadur Ji’s mother Mata Nanaki Devi organized open Langars for poor and did huge donations to the needy. She ordered doing Deepmala in the night to celebrate this occasion of great happiness. Continue reading “Bala Pritam: The Un-Equal Guru”

Tyagraj Milan Dhwaj Pradan Utsav

Swayamsevaks of Tyagraja RSS IT Milans celebrated Varshikotsav and Dhwaja Pradan Utsav at Keshav Memorial High School ground, Narayanguda, on 26th November 2017. A total of 36 swayamsevaks participated in the event, out of which 14 were present in poorna Ganavesh.

A Milan becomes eligible to get its own Dhwaja only after it achieves a pre-defined critical mass. It is a major milestone in every Milan’s journey. IT Milans Mahanagar Sah-Karyavah Shri Ramakrishna Ponnapalli ji handed over the Dhwaja to the Milan Dhwaj pramukh. Continue reading “Tyagraj Milan Dhwaj Pradan Utsav”