Tyagraj Milan Dhwaj Pradan Utsav

Swayamsevaks of Tyagraja RSS IT Milans celebrated Varshikotsav and Dhwaja Pradan Utsav at Keshav Memorial High School ground, Narayanguda, on 26th November 2017. A total of 36 swayamsevaks participated in the event, out of which 14 were present in poorna Ganavesh.

A Milan becomes eligible to get its own Dhwaja only after it achieves a pre-defined critical mass. It is a major milestone in every Milan’s journey. IT Milans Mahanagar Sah-Karyavah Shri Ramakrishna Ponnapalli ji handed over the Dhwaja to the Milan Dhwaj pramukh.

Presenting the Milan Varshik report to adhikaris and other swayamsevaks, Milan Karyavah Shri Janki Vallabh Choudhary ji informed that the Milan soochi has crossed 50 mark (52 SS) out which 21 now have poorna ganavesh. He also revealed that Milan team is now planning to start five new Milans in Barkatpura valay, which is part of keshavpuram khanda of Bhagyanagar IT Milans.

The swayamsevaks did pradarshana of Danda, Niyuddha, Surya Namaskar. In the run up to the event, Tyagraj Milan swayamsevaks volunteered to attend one hour varga daily between 6am – 7am for 3 continuous weeks, which initially was planned for just 1 week. They took it as an opportunity to hone their Danda and Niyudha skills.

Shri Ayush Ji Nadimpalli, RSS Telangana Prant Prachar Pramukh was mukhya vakta in the event.

Addressing the swayamsevaks, Ayush ji stressed up on the significance of getting Bhagwa Dhwaj by any Milan. He said 20 SS with poorna ganavesh and more than 10 average sankhya reflects the Shakti of any Milan and gives confidence that it can protect Param Pujya Bhagwa Dhwaja, which is symbol of reverence and inspiration for lakhs of swayamsevaks across the country.

Sangh that Doctorji started in Nagpur with handful of swayamsevaks has spread across the country like giant banyan tree. This is primarily because of principles that Sangh followed. Ayushji said Sangh was started to organize the Hindu Samaj and not to create one more organization within the Hindu society. He talked about the importance of Gurupuja in Sangh utsavs and why and how Bhagwa Dhwaj was accepted as Guru in Sangh.

keshavpuram khanda Karyavaha Shri Sripad Mansabadrji said because of this Utsav, many new Swayamsevaks have become good Karyakartas. It instilled confidence in the Milan team that they can start one new Milan in each Upavalaya and build their own mini Ghosh team by next Vijayadashami utsav.

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  1. Commendable achievement! The guidance of the adhikari and the speaker is also very appropriate to the occasion and inspiration to all swayamsevaks.

  2. Achievements Like this would definitely inspire other Milans .Hoping to see more frequent updates on IT Milan work in Bhagyanagar.

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